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Faculty of Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Business

In 2002 at the initiative of Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law, with support from the State Tourism Administration and the Association of Ukrainian educational institutions in the hotel and tourism profile, the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at the university began training in specialties "Tourism", "Hotel Industry". 

In 2006 KUTEL began to train specialists with a degree in Tourism , Hotel and restaurant business.
(License MESU series АЕ № 527876 since 06.01.2015 year)

Since 2010 - 2011 a.y. the faculty traines professionals tourist hotel and restaurant industry areas:

  1. Tourism;

    • international tourism;
    • guided tour and museum activities;
    • rural tourism;
    • sports tourism and animation.
  2. Hotel and restaurant business.

Today it is a powerful faculty, which at the full-time and correspondence forms are trained about 1 200 students.

Dean - PhD in Economics, docent of KUTEL Parubets Oleg V. (tel. (+38 044) 599-01-39, (+38 044) 543-86-19, +38-067-163-82-02, Cab. № 218-a).




Dean - PhD in Economics,
docent of KUTEL
Parubets Oleg V.





Zaikina Tatiana Ivanovna
Methodist daily learning

Faculty comprises three departments, which provide the educational process on the preceding specialties: 

Department of Theory and Practice of Tourism and Hotel Industry

Head of Department - Doctor of Pedagogical Science, Professor, Rector of the university, the president of the Association of Ukrainian educational institutions in the hotel and tourism profile Fedorchenko Vladimir.

On the Department works section "Organization and methods of museum tours, and activities".

Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines

Head of Department - Doctor of Pedagogical Science, Professor, Vice-Chancellor of the University Fomenko Nadezhda.

Department of Hotel and Restaurant Business

Head of Department - Doctor of chemical sciences, professor, Polumbrik Oleg Maksimovich.

Studying at the faculty, students obtain basic knowledge on such subjects as: the activities of amateur tourist organization; technology tourism recreation, organization of the scope of travel services, organization of excursion services, organization of transport journeys; management of tourism, economy and pricing in tourism, psychology of professional communication, advertising activities in tourism, technology of restaurant services, hotel management technology, hotel management companies, equipment facilities hotel facilities, recreational complexes of the world; tourer maintenance; museum management, the international hotel industry, corporate culture and personnel management, fundamentals of hospitality etiquette, organization of hotel services, restaurant services technology , the foundations of restaurant etiquette, organization of restaurant management, catering technology product management, quality management products and services in restaurant management, kitchen peoples of the world, bar work and others.

Education in the Faculty will be on the educational and qualification levels: 

  • Bachelor (complete higher education):

    • On the basis of full secondary education, 4-year training;
    • On the basis of an Associate Diploma of the relevant specialties - 2 years.

Bachelor of Tourism prepared to perform these professional activities: consultant travel, consultant (in the apparatus of state power, the executive committee), orhsekretar (association, union, federation), with assistant principal activity (tourism), tourism inspector, instructor of core activities (Tourism), Junior Inspector, Instructor - Methodist in tourism and hotel and restaurant business.

Bachelor of Hotel and Restaurant Business prepared to perform such professional work: the expert in hospitality in places of accommodation (hotels, tourist complexes, etc.). Expert in hotel business, hotel service specialist, an expert in special services, an expert in restaurant business, professional with catering, a specialist in the organization of restaurant services, core activities instructor, administrator of the hall, the head of restaurants in the complex, managing restoranomta others.

The form of state certification - a comprehensive exam in the specialty, the state examinations in two foreign languages.

  • Master:

    • On the basis of the direction of the bachelor's degree training period is 1 year and 6 months.

Master of Tourism prepared to perform these professional activities: junior research fellow, head of travel tourist group leader, head of travel agencies and travel agencies, head of foreign tourism agencies, ekskursoznavets, guide-translator, a consultant on tourism in the apparatus of state administration and others.

The form of state certification - a comprehensive state exam diploma work.

Master's degree in Hotel and Restaurant Business prepared to perform such professional work: managing the hotel industry, catering manager, head of catering, the hotel branch manager, head of the department - Chief Specialist, Principal Administrator, Head of school clubs, Hotel Manager, Restaurant Manager, Head of the Station Restaurant.

The form of state certification - Master thesis project

  • Second Higher Education :

    • Master of tourismology training period 2 years 6 months

Master of tourismology prepared to perform the following professional activities: Junior Research Fellow, Head travel tourist group leader, head of travel agencies and travel agency manager for international tourism, guide, interpreter, consultant of tourism in the state administration and others.

The form of state certification - Master thesis project

Educational process provides 87 teachers, including 10 doctors and 53 candidates of science. The scientific and pedagogical staff of the Faculty of productively working on the development of scientific research: "Tourism, hotel and restaurant business: problems of theory and practice." Over the past 5 years prepared and published over 160 scientific publications, including 120 scientific papers, 36 tutorials, 5 monographs.

Throughout the program, students study two foreign languages, have practice in the best hotels and travel companies in Kiev: "Premier Palace Hotel", "Sports", "Bratislava-Desna", "Lybid", "Dnipro", "Slavutich", "Kiev" "Kreschatik", "Rus", "Tourist", "SAM", "Sputnik", "Tour-Tes", etc.

Students of the faculty have a unique opportunity to be trained in international travel companies and enterprises of the hotel-restaurant complexes Turkey, Germany, Greece, Egypt, Bulgaria.

Teaching and industrial laboratories at the services of students: travel agency "KUTEL-Tour", Ukrainian-German Center of restaurant training, educational and industrial hotel "hospitality".

From III year students of junior faculty THRB full-time education have the opportunity to study at the military department. Duration of training for 2 years.

Rich and interesting is the student's leisure. Tourist trips, sporting events, reviews of amateur performances became traditional at the faculty. Solemnize the "World Day of Tourism ", and" Day of Tourism in Ukraine "," Health Day "," Faculty Day, "" International Students' Day", New Year's holidays, and others.

Students of the Faculty is a multiple winner of the Ukrainian student contests. In competitions in sport tourism students of the faculty traditionally occupy top places in the city and in Ukraine. They participate in round tables and conferences on areas of "Tourism", "Hotel Industry", "Restaurant Business," "Foreign languages" in the profile universities in Kiev.

Best graduates are working in the hotel complex:
«HAYATT», «Intercontinental», «OPERA», «Radisson SAS», «Premier Palace", "Bratislava", "Ukraine"; travel companies: "SAM", "Sputnik", "Hamalia», «Test Tour».


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