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The practice of KUTEL students in Germany

In accordance with the Agreement with the Federal Ministry of Labor (c.Bonn, Germany) from 30.08.2002, KUTEL students have the opportunity during the summer to go 3-month probation period in a hotel, restaurant or business of the Germany gastronomy system.

Base practice - a resort located in the picturesque places of Bavaria, in the foothills of the Alps on the Austrian border, on the shores of the famous Lake Bodensee, on the shores of the Baltic and North Seas, etc.

Students live in apartments or comfortable hostel-type rooms accommodation for 2 people per room. Accommodation and meals are provided free of charge, paid monthly wages, fully compensated round-trip.

Students are selected on the practice of test results. The main thing in selecting - language skills, lack of academic arrears, recommendation of the dean's office. Passports are doing themselves, other documents are processed by the KUTEL Department of International Relations. Collects-briefing lead before departure, there is a constant telephone communication with parents and employers.

The German side has developed a lot of training materials issued given to students during practical training, showing videos about the work at the enterprises of system gastronomy. Students write the tests and receive certificates at the end of the successful work and the reference for those who have worked satisfactorily. Characteristics direct to an educational institution.

While students are in Germany, they have the opportunity to improve, first and foremost, knowledge of German language and professional skills, learn to work in a team, do not be late, be responsible.

Working 5 days a week, students have the opportunity in their free time to visit the monuments of architecture and culture of Germany, to admire the views. They return home not only with the gifts, but also with unforgettable impressions of the beautiful European country, whose language they will study with an even greater pleasure.


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