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Congratulations of Minister Dmitry Tabachnik on Happy New Year and Merry Christmas

Dear colleagues, dear friends!

I cordially greet with light and joyful holidays - New Year and Merry Christmas!

Already becomes history in 2012 - a difficult year, but also interesting, fruitful for thrills and achievements.

I want to thank, first of all, all educational, scientific, sports and youth community, all innovators and enthusiasts, people in love with their profession, who supported us throughout the year, helped in the implementation of systemic reforms.

I am sure that each of you have good memories of happy, pleasant events, many of which are associated with work, with a favorite kindergarten, school or university, with its trainees, students and students for whom you performed daily small feat of whom were worried and cared with whom shared their knowledge and worldly wisdom.

We continue to move forward with confidence. The path of reform is never easy, however, convinced that the results of our daily work with you will be a solid foundation for further development of education and science, youth and sport.

New Year's Day - it's always new, unexplored step into the future, a time of new opportunities and implementation desires, and I truly believe that all the sad moments remain in the past, and the best and most pleasant memories warm your soul throughout 2013.

I want to celebrate the New Year and Christmas in high spirits, with bright thoughts, optimism, good expectations, with faith in themselves.

I wish Christmas miracles, joy , support family and friends. Let the little carolers will sow in your home happiness, prosperity, family warmth and light sense of faith, hope and love!

With respect and sincere greetings,
Minister of Education, Youth and Sports Dmytro Tabachnik

Source: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine

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