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Educational and methodical department

Methodical department is a subdivision of Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law. Built for the coordination of methodological work in the departments of the university.

Methodological work is carried out in accordance with the Constitution and laws of Ukraine "On Education", "On Higher Education", orders and decisions of the board of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Scientific Council of the University administration, teaching-methodical commission of the University.

Methodical work - is based on scientific achievements and best practices, system analysis, organizational diagnosis, search, research, scientific and practical information activities to improve the professional competence of employees and enhance the educational process.

Inspector of the department - Lande Irina.

Main tasks:

  • The introduction to the educational process the laws of Ukraine "On education", "On Language," the provisions of "The education and qualification levels,"On the institution of higher education in Ukraine" and others;
  • Development of pedagogical and professional skills of teaching staff, creating conditions for professional development;
  • Improving the content, forms and methods of training and education of students;
  • Information support of the teaching staff on educational issues, pedagogy, psychology, information on the achievements of science, advanced teaching experience;
  • Methodological leadership of the creation of methodical complexes on specialties and each discipline, curriculum relevant aspects of the training;
  • Analysis and suggestions to ensure the information and didactic teaching of academic disciplines;
  • Finding, studying and testing of advanced educational experience, coordination of teaching staff on the content of education, forms and methods of instruction;
  • Development the indicators for assessing the rating quality of teaching and learning of students, control over the state of the learning process involved in reviewing the readiness of departments and faculties for the new school year and contests training and methodological support of teaching disciplines;
  • Organization of activities to study and improve the pedagogical skills of teachers.


Cab. 209
Phone: +38-067-441-05-50 
Hours: 9.00-17.00
Lunch: 13.00-14.00


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