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External independent testing for masters: REGISTRATION STARTS

May 14, the registration of entrants who plan to obtain a Master's degree in specialties 081 «Law» and 293 «International Law» and on specialties of branches of knowledge «Humanities» (except for the specialty «Philology»), «Social and behavioral sciences», «Journalism» , "Law", "Sphere of service", "International relations" for participation in a single professional entrance exam (SPEE) and / or a single entrance exam (SEE).

We draw the attention of the representatives of higher education to the fact that the registration of entrants to take part in the competitive selection takes place in the "EDEBO". Entrants for participation in SPEE and / or SEE are registered by the Admissions Committee of the higher education institution through a special service ( developed by the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment. Access to the service - by login and password received from the regional center for assessing the quality of education.

In order to register for an SPEE and / or an SEE, an entrant must apply to one of the institutions of higher education in which he wishes to take part in the competitive selection. Those wishing to take part in the competitive selection for studying for obtaining a master's degree in specialty 081 "Law" and / or 293 "International Law" and simultaneously in specialties of knowledge branches 03 "Humanities" (except for specialty 035 "Philology"), 05 "Social and behavioral sciences », 06« Journalism», 24 «Sphere of service», 29 «International relations» should submit documents to the admission commission of the institution of higher education, which in 2018 makes a set for studying the master's degree in higher education in the specialties 081 «Law» or 293 "International native right".

Registration of entrants will run from May 14 to June 5, 2018. Participant is considered to be registered for the SPEE and / or SEE after receiving the exam sheet.

For registered participants, an information page has been created on the site of the Ukrainian Center - "SPEE / SEE Participant's Cabinet" ( Access to it - by the number of the examination sheet and the PIN code specified in to him.

The information about the test point in which the entrant will pass the introductory tests will be indicated in the invitation-pass, which will appear on the information page, not later than three weeks prior to the day of the SPEE and / or SEE.

Please note that during the registration, the entrant must indicate the name of the settlement in which he wishes to pass the SPEE and / or the SEE. The choice of the city for admission tests does not depend on the location of the institution of higher education, in which the entrant is registered.

Testing points will be created in the regional centers (except Donetsk and Lugansk cities), Kyiv, Slavyansk, Mariupol Donetsk Oblast and Severodonetsk Luhansk Region.

The main session of the SPEE will be held on July 11, SEE will be held on July 13. The beginning of the procedure is at 10:00. The admission of participants to the testing point will last from 09:15. before 09:50


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