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Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Dear Ukrainians!

Congratulations on New Year and Merry Christmas! These holidays give you a sense of renewal, give you the opportunity to sum up, analyze the victories and defeat, and start the year with new forces.

The 2016th was the year of great undertakings, trials and victories. Now, in the field of education and science, the changes necessary for Ukraine in the 21st century are being laid and gradually being implemented.

And I want to thank from my heart all my colleagues: educators in pre-school educational institutions, who cared for little children throughout Ukraine; teachers and masters who not only give knowledge to their disciples, but help them to know this world and find a place in it; teachers of higher education who form the elite of our state; to the scholars, without which it is impossible to advance our country forward.

Without you any real changes are impossible. After all, it is your ideas and work that form the essence of Ukrainian education and science. Only by joining will we be able to bring our country the changes that it needs for a long time.

That is why all of us - preschoolers and their educators, schoolchildren, students of vocational schools and their teachers, students and teachers, graduate students and scholars, and even parents, grandparents of all those who study - I enjoy health, energy and inspiration. Let the new year be full of good and new accomplishments.

I believe the year 2017 will bring fresh ideas, opportunities and victories. Of course, it will not do without trials and misunderstandings.

But while we together, while we are united by the work around the worthy future of Ukrainian children and modern European Ukraine, while we support each other, we can not stop anything!

Happy Holidays!

Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Lilia Grinevich.

Source: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

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