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Congratulations from Minister of Education and Science Lily Grinevich on the occasion of Teacher Day

Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Lilia Grinevych congratulated educators, lecturers, teachers and, in general, all educators on the Day of Education.

"Today you are on the front line for Ukrainian independence, and it is a very difficult task for us to prepare our children and young people for the future." "What will be the future?" One thing is known - it will be very different from today. Only knowledge, and prepare them for a bold problem solving, before critically rethinking the huge stream of information in the modern information society ", - said Lilia Grinevich in her greetings.

She added that the teacher is now "underestimated by the state", which is why the Government raised salaries of teachers for 2 levels in a single tariff grid. Already next year, the salary of a teacher should grow by a third.

This, according to the Minister of Education and Science, is not enough, therefore the real vision of the teacher's social status is proposed in the draft Law "On Education".

"Dear colleagues, I wish you good health, creativity, inspiration, in no way subjected to professional burnout, but in the heart to have an inexhaustible source of love for children and to the profession," Liliya Grinevich congratulated the educators.

Source: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

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