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Dear colleagues, dear teachers!

I heartily congratulate you on your professional holiday - Teacher's Day!

The work of the teacher, lecturer, master of vocational schools is extremely important for society. It forms a teacher ideological and moral principles of the young generation, sense of responsibility to their country, love their people, respect for its history and native language.

Today, in the construction of a new democratic society and we as anyone understand that educational reform should be the main basis for qualitative changes towards a successful and competitive European state. The key role in reforming education belongs to the teacher, who constantly seeks professional development, mastering the latest technology, applying advanced methods to most effectively convey the latest knowledge to students.

We sincerely appreciate your hard work, for search and ingenuity, wisdom and patience for the heat that you are giving to our children every day.

On this festive day I wish you creative energy, understanding students, parents and colleagues, optimism in the daily work of peace in Ukraine and harmony in the family!


Minister of Education           Sergey Kvit

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