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Congratulations from Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Sergey Kvit on the Day of Science

Dear scholars!
I congratulate the scientific community of Ukraine on the Day of Science!

This professional holiday - a good reason to tell you my sincere gratitude for the tireless and fruitful creative work, without which it is difficult to imagine a strong state with a strong, stable production and high spirituality. 

Without proper development of scientific areas, the development and introduction of new technologies, the integration of science, education and production and development of Ukraine is impossible.

As never before, the state and society now need new ideas and promising projects suspended forecasts. After all, the role and significance of scientific research is especially important when it is necessary to increase defense capabilities of the state, to ensure economic growth of our country. 

I thank all employees for the scientific sphere tireless and genuine enthusiasm for augmenting achievements of the state. I am confident that working together we will achieve this goal - improving the social and economic situation of our citizens, strengthening the defense of the state.

Let creativity and perseverance don`t leave you. Wish you new achievements and success for the benefit of native Ukraine! 

Peace, health and prosperity to all!


Minister of Education and Science         Sergey Kvit

Source: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

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