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Excursion to Radomysl

Students of Economics and Law School of KUTEL continue to travel and meet with pearls of Ukraine. During the winter holidays the future tourism agents visited private museum complex Polissia "The Castle Radomysl", which is located in Radomyshl, Zhytomyr region. "The Castle Radomysl" today - is a versatile historical and cultural complex, created by the famous physician and philanthropist Olga Bogomolets.

During the tour, the students toured the world's only museum of home icon, which is the largest museum of icons in Eastern Europe. Students struck by objects of Christian art exhibition "Soul of Ukraine" in which there are more than 5,000 items Christian art of the seventeenth and twentieth centuries collected from all regions of Ukraine. A special impression exposition of ancient icons such as stone icon of St. Nicholas XII century., which saves on energy imprints and thousands of human hands and always warm.

In "The Castle Radomysl" established process of hand-made paper. Students learned about the technique revived production of paper, which is almost 400 years produced the paper for the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Orthodox monks. Hall-factory for production of paper has all the equipment used in the XVII century, and the printing press for drawing text on a sheet ready. Students felt old masters for the production Radomyshlsky paper and, using the printing press had an opportunity to put text on it.

Excursion to the historical and cultural complex "Castle Radomysl" expanded world view of students, has expanded knowledge of history, Ukrainian culture, increased cognitive activity of future professionals of the tourism industry.





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