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VI International Scientific and Practical Conference «Tourism in the context of globalization: challenges»

October 23, 2014 in Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law held VI International Scientific Conference "Tourism in the conditions of globalization: the challenges of the time". Conference co-organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Science and Education, National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, the State Agency of Ukraine for Tourism and Resorts, Association of educational institutions of Ukraine hotel and tourism profile, Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law Society "Knowledge" of Ukraine, Kyiv College of Hotel Management, Academy of Tourism of Ukraine.

With over 120 participants in the Conference involved 114 leading turyzmoznavtsiv of Kyiv, representatives from different regions of Ukraine, including Kharkiv, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Mukachevo, as well as scientists from Belarus, Georgia, Poland and India.

From the opening address to the conference participants appealed Rector of the University of Tourism, Economics and Law, President of the schools of Ukraine hotel and tourism profile, Honored Worker of Ukraine, Doctor of Education, Professor V.K. Fedorchenko.

In the plenary session was attended by Chairman of the Society "Knowledge" of Ukraine, Ph.D., professor Kusherets V.I., professor Gdansk Higher School of Tourism and Hotel Management (Poland), PhD Boruschak M., head of social and humanitarian education Institute of Innovative Technology and Education, Doctor of Economics, Professor Safonov Y.M., the representative of JSC "Hungarian tourism" in Ukraine Kabish S.V., director of the Kyiv College of Hotel Management, PhD in Social Communications S.A. Matvienko, Vice President of the Association of tourist operators, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine V.A. Zinchenko, head of foreign trade management and tourism Kharkov State University of Food and Trade PhD, associate professor Yatsun L.M., President of the Ukrainian Federation of employers Tourism in Ukraine Tymoshenko T.O., President of the association of hotels and restaurants of Ukraine D.V. Zaruba, Sector Manager of International Relations and Innovation Faculty of Business and Administration Tbilisi State University of Economic Relations, Doctor of Economics, professor Kvartsheliya N., assistant professor of management Tourism Higher School of Tourism Belarus State Economic University, Doctor of Geographical Sciences Tarasenok O.I.

Among other appearances should be noted V.K.Fedorchenko report "Trends and problems of world tourism"; V.I.Kusherets "Modern knowledge in the context of globalization"; V.A.Zinchenko "Specificity of tourism in modern conditions of Ukraine"; T.O.Tymoshenko "Anti-Crisis Ukrainian tourism package"; D.V.Zaruba "The problem of state coordination as an important part of tourism development in Ukraine".

The Conference reviewed a wide range of problems of the theory and practice of tourism in the following areas:

- New concept of modern tourism and tourist practices

- The transformation of the modern system of international economic relations and their impact on development

- The impact of globalization on the development of legal support of tourism in Ukraine

- Innovation in tourism education in the context of globalization

- Effective forms of management of the tourism industry in the modern phase of globalization process

Theme of the conference was the understanding of tourism as an important factor of social development, the most popular and effective forms of social culture. It was noted that among the important issues that actualized the processes of globalization is to ensure fruitful interaction of cultures, their mutual penetration, dissemination of best examples of national cultural heritage. In this sense, tourism has enormous potential impact on the global popularization of cross-culture.

The Conference drew attention to the governing authorities on the possibility of using tourism as a tool to stimulate the economy, provide employment and national-cultural revival. It was noted that today significantly inhibited the progress of sustainable tourism trend, there are numerous threats and risks. The problem adapting to the challenges of the domestic industry today is particularly acute. It requires the development of operational program "risk management and crisis management" including through the development of measures to create a national tourism product and the development of domestic tourism. In this way, should the combined efforts of experts to develop a unified system of indicators for sustainable development of tourism in Ukraine for its further integration into the global tourism community.

The participants of the VI International Scientific Conference "Tourism in the context of globalization: challenges", having considered various aspects of the phenomenon and practice of tourism, adopted Roadmap for tourism development in Ukraine as the main driving force of job creation and economic recovery.

The results of the VI International Scientific Conference "Tourism in the conditions of globalization: the challenges" provided publish abstracts.

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