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Dear students! Congratulations on the holiday - the Day of student!

I heartily welcome on the holiday - Day of the student!

It is your state has high hopes, that you have become a driving force in the process of modernization. In the near future you manage undertakings, economics, finance, develop national science, health, education and culture. I am confident that through perseverance, hard work and determination you will succeed in life.

Students always ahead of social change, its best representatives, and it confirms the story, not just prove devotion to the Motherland. Today, our young people rallied in a strong and effective movement to European norms and values.

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has given start reforms in education. Recently the Law "On education" - is not only a tool for obtaining wide autonomy of higher education institutions, but also the realization of the intellectual potential of every young person to get a quality education and knowledge.

I urge students not to stay out of these changes and unite around the reforms, as for education - prosperity of our country.

Achieve significant results is difficult without constant work on a desire to set goals and achieve them ability. The success of each of you depend primarily on their own desire to learn and grow.

I wish all students the peace and harmony, inspiration, learning, successful progress at a professional way. Let the student will start a strong future, teachers and coaches will be your very first partners toward the goal.


Education and Science Minister     Sergey Kvit

Source: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

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