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Ministry of Education invites pupils and students of educational institutions to join the patriotic initiative "All Ukrainian wave of kindness"

Everyone strives to respect and love. Good smile, friendly attitude towards the elderly, sincere communication today become a source of healing humanity for all of us. Keep in mind that the experience of the older generation, their wisdom, prudence and balanced will make us stronger.

October 1st the world celebrates the International Day of Older Persons. On this day, you, young and strong, look around, see who is nearby, would sweep their care and good attitude. They - experienced and wise. You - young and drive. But we all - the Ukrainian nation, courageous and beautiful. Be sensitive to each other!

So, on October 1, encourage everyone to join the Ukrainian wave goodness. Start with yourself, give a place in transport, lift the bag, help to buy medicines, foods, pay utility bills, take care of comfort in the house neighbor Seniors, tell them warm words. And do not forget to do it every day!

Attach the Ukrainian wave kindness of friends and acquaintances!

Already joined the initiative public school education centers and children's council of Kiev Palace of Children and Youth.

Today we not only uniting East and West, North and South. To become stronger, we have to unite the different generations.

Let the wave of kindness touches the soul of each of us! Only a great nation capable of great good! We create our grand Ukraine together!

Source: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

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