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Appeal to managers, employees and students of higher educational establishments of Ukraine!

Dear Colleagues!

The management and staff of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine sincerely thank all the managers, employees and students that at difficult for the Ukrainian state and Ukrainian people time do not forget about those of our compatriots who are in a combat zone and daily risking their lives to protect our homeland, sovereignty, territorial integrity and security, as well as our advocate with you constitutional rights and the rights of our children to live, work and study in a peaceful democratic society. These characters and many of the residents of Donbass whose children (pupils, students) come to your schools, trying to continue their education on a continuous basis. Pay attention to them and their needs and pressing problems! Manifestation of its Ukrainian hospitality, humanity and dignity!

Thank you to those officers and employees of educational institutions who closely monitor the actions and decisions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine aimed at the most rapid resolution of all outstanding educational needs and problems of our compatriots who migrated from Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and especially thank those who do not remains passive "top performer lowered decisions" and actively offer specific solutions to various issues.

Thanks also to those who have perused the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on August 27, 2014 № 785-r and corresponding explanations Ministry of September 1, 2014 number 1/9-440 (, and those who, understanding the complexity of the situation clearly and consistently trying to follow all the prescribed rules and procedures, with full responsibility independently make appropriate decisions on issues that for some reason not mentioned in these documents (the principle autonomy of educational institutions of Ukraine).

However, the Ministry of daily applying the students or their parents to provide specific explanations of their unacknowledged rights or complaints against the actions or inactions of managers and employees of certain educational institutions of Ukraine.

Pay attention to the content of a complaint that evidence of ignorance and violation of order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and MES explanation for its implementation:

- Denied "access to education" due to the fact that "CMU operated until September 15" (Please note that no action timeframe stipulated by Decree of the Government);

- Not included in the list of academic groups;

- Are not allowed to participate in seminars, workshops;

- Denied training course and other written works along with other students, etc.;

- Do not appreciate the work of the student in the classroom;

- Say that no exams (tests) they will accept;

- Offer to go back to his university;

- Insist (with different arguments) at the conclusion of the contract or pay "entrance" fees;

- Say that if Donetsk (Donetsk) university deducts student on the grounds that he had not started classes, including distance, the university that the student scored as "temporarily admitted to employment", as it deducts;

- Say that with this status a student do not receive a diploma and others.

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine emphasizes the inadmissibility of these and similar actions or conversations and once again draws attention to the fact that all of the actions or words as a violation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the constitutional right of citizens of Ukraine "free to pursue higher education in state and municipal educational institutions on a competitive basis " (ch. 3 p. 53 of the Constitution of Ukraint), which they had won during the passage of the EIT or entrance examinations. In addition, the following individual managers and employees universities violate the confidence of our citizens that the Ukrainian "State ensures accessible and free ... higher education in state and communal educational establishments" ( ch. 2 p. 53 of the Constitution) and to violation of the state constitutional principles enshrined in Article 3 of our Constitution.

The Ministry also once "draws the attention of the leaders of higher education institutions in priority need for accommodation in hostels that category and asks students to take personal control of the prompt resolution of all issues of concern" (see. MES on 09/01/2014 y. № 1/9-437). Given that many families of these students were left without their homes, parents are looking for at least some work, but most students still quite often do not receive scholarships (for various reasons), Ministry of the same letter were advised to use their settlement hostels any vocational or higher education institutions located in the respective locality.

Thus, providing each student a higher education institution or in Donetsk Lugansk region focus, positive attitude and at least minimal living conditions (beds in the hostel, free apartment, holiday home, etc.) is a matter of pride leader, staff and students of the university, as well as "litmus test" level of political accountability, high educational and cultural readiness "to participate in public affairs" (p. 38 of the Constitution).

Each of us must do our best to help make the most of every particular person (applicants, students, parents, their relatives, etc.) in solving its problems.

On the other hand the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine calls on all our compatriots from Donetsk and Lugansk regions, who were forced to leave their homes and move to other regions of Ukraine - with due respect and attentiveness Treat traditions, way of life, religious beliefs and cultural values of the people their families, labor, student (pupils) groups, etc., which also have (not on their own will or desire) to change their established traditions, trying to help solve your problem, admit you into their homes, attracted to their groups and so on. Remember that everyone has not only the right but also the "duties to the community in which the free and full development of his personality" (p. 23 of the Constitution of Ukraine).

Treat with respect and honor for each other!

Dear Colleagues!

The management and staff of the Ministry of Ukraine appeal to each of you, every educator - managers, employees or students of higher educational institutions - asking every day and every minute actually exercise their citizenship, humanity, loyalty Ukrainian people and values of a democratic society, "caring for the strengthening of civil harmony on Ukraine land, seeking to develop and strengthen a democratic, law-based state, aware of our responsibility before God, his own conscience, past, present and future generations" (preamble of the Constitution - the Fundamental Law of Ukraine).


Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine

Sergey Kvit

Source: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

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