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January 27 celebrates the anniversary respectable Victor Pazenok!

Happy anniversary!

Accept, dear hero of the day, our sincere congratulations on your 80th anniversary! Your long-term, consistent and hard work have made a significant contribution to the development of scientific thought, provided you respect among friends and colleagues. May God sends you the good and happiness, good health. Good to you, dear hero of the day, and your family well-being, the grace of God and pleads for many years! Congratulations on your anniversary!

Pazenok Victor Sergijovich - Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology, the Ukrainian Academy of Political Science, professor of philosophical disciplines.

Chief researcher of the history of foreign philosophy Philosophy Institute G.S. Skovoroda National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, vice-rector of the Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law.

Member of the editorial board and regular contributor to magazines, "Philosophical Thought", "Multiversum", "Psychology and Society" (Ternopil). Chairman of the Editorial Board of the collection of scientific papers "Scientific Notes KUTEL" (Series: Philosophy of Science, special edition), "Philosophy of Education", "Multiversum", "Philosophical problems of the humanities", "Totalohiya", "Politics and the time," associate editor or reviewer encyclopedias, "Encyclopedia of cultural studies" (in 4 volumes), "Small etnoderzhavoznavstva Encyclopedia" (1996), "The philosophy of politics. Short Encyclopedic Dictionary "(2002)," Political Science Encyclopedic Dictionary "(1997)," Encyclopedic Dictionary of Philosophy "(2002) and others.

He is a member of the expert council of Ukraine through the philosophical, political and sociological sciences (examination of doctoral and master's theses); Member of the Scientific Councils on thesis defending Institute of Philosophy NAS Ukraine.

Author of many scientific papers, including:

1. Philosophy: Teach. user. - K .: Akademvydav, 2008 - 280 p.

2. Introduction: tourism and turizmologiya // turizmologiya: conceptual foundations of the theory of tourism. - K .: KUTEL, 2008 - S.7-16.

3. Philosophy tourism // turizmologiya: conceptual foundations of the theory of tourism. - K .: KUTEL, 2008 - Chapter 2, rozd.4. - S. 115-143.

4. Monograph. Philosophical discourses of rationality. - K., 2010 (co-author).

5. Democracy and man // historical and political science and social practice in Ukraine. National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of I.F.Kurasa. - K., 2010.

6. Problems philosophical relativism and modern scientific context // philosophical dialogues. Pathways and crossroads of modern civilization (Man-Culture Postmodernism). - K., 2009.

7. Chapter "The values ​​and meanings of human existence (modern interpretation). The book "Universal values​​: the evolution of ideas, change of priorities" - K., 2013.

8. Snapshot "Human values ​​and tolerance in socio-political landscape of modern Ukraine" to the Commission on issues of morality within the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (co-author).

9. Turyzmolohyya. Theoretically image of tourism. Monohrafyya. - K. Alterpress, 2012.

10. Values ​​of the modern information society. - K., 2013.











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