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Congratulations Minister of Education and Science with the Victory Day!

Dear participants of the Great Patriotic War!

Please accept my sincere congratulations on the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the Great Victory!

In this bright spring day we honor the memory of your magnificent, immortal feat. Feat people incredible cost of their lives, going through the millstones of war, defeated the fascist plague.

We give honor and respect to those who labor in the front of battle and fought for victory, who firmly stood before the scary face the enemy on our land, who the whistling of machine-gun bursts widespread explosions and shock waves in the tank shells turned the world who are sitting in crude dugouts did not break under the pressure of invaders and found the strength to win and carry this glorious triumph through his life.

That is why our first priority, our sacred duty - to remember and honor this feat forever, to teach our children to value and respect the people who have provided future generations carefree childhood, adolescence light and the opportunity to build a free life on earth is not distorted by craters bombing - a luxury which they were deprived. Many of them are no longer alive ... As educators, we must be responsible for the perpetuation and preservation of the memory of their great feat. The younger generation should not forget the soldiers-liberators and all those who contributed to the victory.

Our dear veterans, dear liberators, speak to your warm words of gratitude and respect for your infinite love, devotion to the Motherland, for heroism and nobility - for victory!

I wish you good health, long life and family comfort. Let each of you appreciate family and friends, because you - role models.

I bow to you, our family! Great honor those who remained on the fields of battle. Your feat - immense, and our gratitude will grow with time only!

On the Great Victory Day!

With deep respect and filial gratitude,

Minister of Education and Science             Dmytro Tabachnyk

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