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In 2018 registration for participation in the external independent evaluation will run from February 6 to March 19.

It is desirable to take part in the EIE by using the "Register" service to create and print a registration card, which is one of the mandatory documents for registration.

Upon creation of the registration card, the future member of the EIE must form a set of registration documents. The set of documents for students, who this year go to the STA in the form of an external testing, submit to the institution of education in which they study, and the rest of the persons send themselves (preferably by registered letter) to the regional center, indicated in the control letter. Registration guidelines, including the list of documents required for registration, are available in the section "For Participants / Registration Procedure".

The person who has successfully completed the registration will receive a certificate of external independent evaluation from the regional center, a newsletter and a registration notice of the participant. These documents will be sent to the students who make the STA in the form of an EIE to the institution of education in which they study. Other categories of people - to the address specified during registration.

For each registered participant, an information page will be created on the site of the Ukrainian Center, access to which is possible by number and PIN code of the certificate. The information page will contain information about the selected subjects for passing the test, and subsequently also the addresses of the testing sites and the results of the testing.

An analogue of the information page is the mobile application "My EIE", which allows test participants to obtain information on the conduct of external testing on their own mobile device.

Source: Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment

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