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State final examination and External Evaluation Testing - 2017: What the graduate haveto know

The Ministry of Education approved the procedure for the external independent evaluation (EIE) in 2017.

The EIE will start on May 23 and will end on June 16. Thus, exams will begin after the end of the school year. From February 6 to March 17, 2017, you must submit documents for participation in the EIE. This is done on the website of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment (UCEQA).

As before, an EIE member can take out a maximum of 4 items. One of them is obligatory - Ukrainian language and literature. The results for it, as in 2016, will be counted as the results of the STA. Another subject of the EIE-STA, by analogy with last year, the graduate will be able to choose from two: mathematics or the history of Ukraine. Novation 2017 - the addition of one, third, subject of the EIE, taking into account the results as the STA. This subject is chosen by the graduate independently from the 12 proposed. Thus, the Ministry of Education implements the previously announced intention to gradually combine the transfer of the STA and the EIE.

The results of the EIE from the three subjects will be counted as the STA

The foreign language lesson will not be required as expected. It was decided in 2017 to carry out another testing of foreign EIE, to test procedures and tests, to provide testing points with the necessary techniques for testing audiences and people who can use this technique.

The number and the list of subjects in the EIE-2017 have not changed: Ukrainian language and literature, history of Ukraine, mathematics, biology, geography, physics, chemistry, English, German, French, Spanish and Russian.

The additional session of the EIE-2017 will take place from 3 to 12 July 2017. It can be attended by those who were unable to pass the EIE into the main session due to circumstances beyond their control.

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