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Competition of the best university chair

In order to concentrate efforts of the departments and faculties of the University on qualitative development of educational and methodological materials, moral and material stimulation of teachers and employees of the University, since 2007, a review-competition of scientific and methodological work of the teachers of the departments is held.

In the current academic year, for the first time, a contest was held for the best university department.

The purpose of the Contest is to evaluate the activity of the department as the basic structural unit of the university and to develop and implement on this basis a system of measures aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of educational, scientific, methodological and educational work, the introduction of modern technologies in education, stimulation of scientific and pedagogical workers before innovation activity, use of their potential for bringing the level of socially-personal, general and professional competences of graduates to the requirements of the article standards of higher education.

In assessing the educational activities of the departments, the following indicators were taken into account: the qualitative composition of scientific and pedagogical workers; educational and methodological and research activity; logistics; cultural and educational activities.

The winners of the review-competition in the 2015-2016 academic year are the following departments:

Department of Theory and Practice of Tourism and Hospitality (headed by Prof. V.K. Fedorchenko) - 1 place.

Department of Civil Law and Legal Provision of Tourism (headed by Associate Professor Fedorchenko N.V.) - 2nd place.

Department of general legal disciplines (head of the Associate Professor Chernysh V.M.) - 3 place.

Congratulations to the winners, we wish success and new creative achievements!


L.V. Moroz, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of the teaching and methodical department








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