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Study tour to the Research Institute of the fenomen of "Ukrainian"

On May 19, 2016, within the framework of the week of history of Ukraine, students of the first year of the Faculty of Tourism and hotel and restaurant business ofKUTEL visited an exhibition devoted to the history of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army at the Research Institute of Ukrainian Studies.

The students' staff and the leadership of the university express their sincere gratitude to the staff of the Institute and personally to the director of this respectable institution Bogdan Nikolayevich Galaiko, who personally volunteered to take an excursion for students.

During the excursion, students were told in detail about the history of the Ukrainian liberation movement of 1920-1930, the activities of the OUN, the history of the creation and struggle of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, the individual history of its fighters, and so on.

The material was presented expanded, meaningful and at the same time extremely interesting and enthusiastic. Particularly noteworthy are the quality of the materials and the selection of the exposition, which give full opportunity to plunge into the times of the Second World War. A similar effect of involvement in events is important for the quality of the learning process and contributes to better student acquisition of material than ordinary lecture or seminars, which was noted by the participants of the tour.

For its part, the students and faculty members of the University hope that within the framework of the cooperation of the two above-mentioned institutions, such programs will become traditional and expand substantially thematically.


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