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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear colleagues educators and scholars!
Congratulations on New Year and Merry Christmas!

Rich in bright events and challenging trials was 2015 for us. Our main goal was to ensure equal access to quality education for every Ukrainian citizen. To this end, we have been directing our efforts.

In the passing year, the Law of Ukraine "On Scientific and Scientific-Technical Activity" was adopted, which really created new opportunities for the development of domestic science. The ratified EU-Associated Partnership Agreement on Horizons 2020 provides access to financing innovative research projects and developments for Ukrainian universities and research institutions. Implementation of the Law "On Higher Education", which implements new principles in the management of higher education, is autonomy and transparency of the activities of universities.

From the new year we always expect changes for the better. And they will surely be, because they have created the necessary conditions. Work is finished on the bills "About Education" and "About Professional Education".

Educational reform is one of the priorities of the Government for 2016. It is designed to create equal access to quality education for all Ukrainian children, and the reform of secondary education should be a guarantee. The path of change is never easy, but the main thing is that we are together - teachers and pupils, parents, students and lecturers, scientists - we go to the common goal - we are building the European future of our state.

Education is always at the heart of civil society, and we have continued to be open to dialogue with the public. I would like to thank all those who have not remained indifferent to the fate of education and science in Ukraine, to all those who have brought their share of knowledge and experience into our common cause!

In the New Year I wish peace and success! Let 2016 be generous to give us all optimism, inspiration, perseverance in achieving our goals!


Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine               Serhiy Kvit

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