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Dear veterans, dear colleagues! Please accept my sincere congratulations on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Day of the victory over Nazism!


In these spring days we honor the memory of the immortal feat of people who unbelievable price - often the cost of their lives - defeated Nazism. We salute all those who are in combat and labor fronts fought for victory, who bravely resisted the enemy, who selflessly defended the freedom of the motherland. 

We must not forget that the high price paid for our peace. We are grateful to all those who in the difficult postwar years, Ukraine lifted from the ruins, revived the town and countryside. We - children, grandchildren, great grandchildren - forget the feat of seven million Ukrainian who, along with 53 nations of the world fought fascism.

70 years passed since the day of victory over Nazism, but the war, which claimed the lives of more than 9 million of our citizens came to Ukraine again. We hear the explosions of tank shells, land distorted traces of modern "storms", now the Russian aggressor, but the current generation of Ukrainian continues heroic work of grandparents and parents, performing sacred duty to protect the homeland. 

Dear colleagues educators! I am sure you do all you can to today's pupils and students as well strongly liked his Ukrainian homeland as those attained and wins in terrible wars, kept the tradition and always remember the great deeds of its people.

Dear veterans who fought against Nazism in the various armies, address you with sincere words of gratitude and respect for your endless devotion to his native Ukraine, for heroism and victory! According to our present and future! 

I wish you good health, long life and family comfort. I bow to you who are with us today! Great honor those who never returned from the battlefield!


Minister of Education and Science        Sergey Kvit

Source: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

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