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Report on the passage of the 1st stage of training (tourism) practices students 1 course specialization "Tourism" Faculty of Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Business

The first stage of training (tourism) practice of students of 1 year of specialty "Tourism" Faculty of Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Business took place between 09.02.15 and 13.02.15.

The main purpose is to enhance tourism practices and practical reinforce students theoretical problems and the formation of professional abilities and skills that are necessary for the development of specialist domestic tourism with active ways of movement.

The main tasks of the practice are:

  • familiarization with organizations in tourism, working in the tourist market of sports and recreational services and develop active species of domestic tourism in Kiev and other regions of Ukraine (according to the place of practice: in this practice also Transcarpathian region);
  • formation and development of managerial skills to trainees tourist route; development and preparation of travel itineraries, acquisition groups of tourists, orienteering, sports and recreation forming desk, demand for these study tours among the population, the implementation of modern technology motion proposed tourism product to potential customers, especially the applied methods of advertising a product tour in active and sports travel, organization of life, sleep, rest and leisure of travelers;
  • developing abilities and skills to use for personal and group equipment, first aid tourist who was injured on the route and so on.






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