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Appeal of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to teachers, students and parents on the day of Heroes hundreds of Heaven and respect to Ukrainian defenders

Year of Revolution of dignity and Russian-Ukrainian war in the east were critical historical events. Events on Majdan and on the Eastern Front showed impressive invincibility, bravery and patriotism of Ukrainian defenders who value their health and lives defending the aggressor from the independence and integrity of our country.

We call on teachers, students and parents calling for properly honor the heroism of Ukrainian defenders. And those that died and those that are now in arms to defend the sovereignty of Ukraine.

February 20 - Day of Heroes of Heaven Hundreds and annually - the Day of Defender of Ukraine on October 14 they remember the familiar and unfamiliar; they fulfilled their duty to the people and the country.

Also consider that at a time when the best people of our country sacrificed their lives and health for us, make history new Armed Forces of Ukraine, celebrate, even "habit", February 23 - canceled as a holiday Presidential Decree №806 / 2014 on October 14, 2014 the day the army of others state that claims the lives of Ukrainian citizens and spits Ukrainian land, there would be unpatriotic and immoral.

We own country, our own history, our own army, our own holiday, dignity.

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to Heroes!

Source: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

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