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Excursion pupils of Economics and Law School in the village Buki and Park "Alexandria", the city Bila Tserkva

October 8, 2014 first-year students of Economics and Law School visited the village Buki and dendrological park "Alexandria" of White Church. The tour had on students and teachers deeply positive impression.

The first purpose of our trip was the village Buki Skvirskiy area. Buki met us grandeur and shining domes of the church that makes an indelible impression of delight and surprise. Standing its whimsically decorated boulders hill right bank sung I.Nechuy-Levitsky Rostavytsi River and offers amazing beauty panorama, similar to Swiss landscapes. The temple complex consists of the church of the Holy Martyr Eugenia, the bell tower of St. Daniel and the chapel of St. Nicholas and Alexandr. The temple complex was built with taste and the use of cutting-edge architectural ideas, but with a focus on Ukrainian culture. For example, from under Eugene Church begins calming waterflaw, in which swims fed fish. Everywhere planted trees - roots up. And at the entrance is a symbol of Soviet Kyiv - fontan- "Roulette", which until 2007 was in the capital.

After admiring the beauty of the temple complex, and landscape gardens built our contemporary - patron Ivan Suslov, the students went to the city of White Church and its world-famous park "Alexandria". Arboretum "Alexandria" is an example of landscape art from the late XVIII - early XIX centuries. This kind of living gallery of paintings by masters of landscape architecture of the past, and kept at present.

Named park "Alexandria" in honor of its founder - Alexandra. Alexandra Engelhardt, her husband Branitskiy, dear niece of Prince Grigory Potemkin, received the estate in the White Church as a gift from her husband - Crown Hetman of Poland Xavier Branitsky. It was Alexandra, following the new fashion, decided to create a landscaped park.

The park was built residence of Branickis and many other architectural structures: Royal Pavilion, which lived Branickis guests - members of the royal family, Dance hall, colonnade "Luna" pavilion "Rotunda", "Ruins", "Chinese Bridge" and others. The park was decorated with bronze and marble sculptures, vases, decorative composition with large boulders and artificial ground elevations.

The trip helped to escape from everyday life, escape from daily concerns and bustle, to combine business with pleasure, plunge into the majestic and mysterious world of the Ukrainian past combined with modern architecture.








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