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Winners of competition-review scientific and technical work of university faculty

In order to focus the efforts of departments and faculties to develop high-quality teaching materials, moral and material incentives for faculty and staff of the University since 2007 under review-competition of scientific and technical work teachers.

In the current academic year review-competition was held under the order dated 16.12.2013 №53 and conditions approved by this order.

In assessing the methodological work of teachers took into consideration the following parameters: a set of scientific methods of discipline; participation in scientific conferences, training articles and print them in professional journals; preparing students to participate in contests, sports competitions, seminars and conferences; review of methodological materials; the quality of employment (questioning students) and other achievements of teachers for the 2013-2014 school year.

The winners of the competition review in 2013-2014 academic year are recognized:

  • Mukovskyy I.T., Ph.D., Professor, Department of World Economy and International Economic Relations;
  • Miho A.I., Senior Lecturer, Department of Theory and Practice of Tourism and Hospitality Management - the 1st place.
  • Galitsa I.O., doctor of economic sciences, professor, head of the management companies of the tourism industry;
  • Panchenko S.A., a senior lecturer in social and human sciences - 2nd place.
  • Fedorchenko N.V., Doctor of Law, Professor KUTEL, head of civil rights and legal support tourism;
  • Meljnik I.L., senior lecturer of management companies of the tourism industry - 3rd place.


Congratulations to the winners and wish success and new creative achievements!

L.V. Moroz, Head of methodical department

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