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"Professional and general competence of students: evaluation of formation" - a roundtable of the faculty of the University

"Professional and general competence of students: evaluation of formation" - the theme of sharing experience of the teaching staff of the University, which took place during the round table May 6, 2014.

Vice-rector for educational work Tsehmistrova G.S. in her opening remarks revealed the essence of professional and general competencies of students identified the conceptual framework of pedagogical problems. Leading scientists emphasized the features of formation of the student's respective areas of training, including assistant professor of business management tourism industry Pechulyak Y.S. - Formation of competence manager in the study subjects cycle training, assistant professor of hotel and restaurant business Kysh T.O. - Criteria and indicators of formation of professional competence of specialists in the restaurant industry, a senior lecturer in theory and practice of tourism and hotel industry Miho O.I. - Formation animation competence of students, assistant professor of civil law and legal support tourism Zinchenko O.V. - Common Criteria evaluation of professional orientation law students.

Members of the round table pointed to effective ways of creating competencies: Professor Pinchuk L.D. emphasized the effective use of interactive technologies in high school, senior lecturer in translation and foreign languages ​​Negiva A.M. - Tests of learning a foreign language, assistant professor of foreign languages ​​and translation Kaytan N.V. - Integrated use of information technology in the process of students' professional and functional-communicative competence in English language learning.

During the discussion of pedagogical problems participants outlined ways to further their common scientific and educational activities for the implementation of active forms and methods of forming competitive specialist tourism.

L.V. Moroz, Head of methodical department






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