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Review on a trip to Perejaslav-Khmelnitsky

In October students of first-year of Economics and Law School visited the open air museum in Pereyaslav. The tour has had on students and teachers a deep impression.

Pearl reservation - Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of the Middle Dnieper - a real old-world village which is the administrative center (village councils), tavern, inn, ponds, gardens, churches, parish school, a collection of wind turbines and even hunting lodge of Prince Alexander Gorchakov. And what are cozy cottages potter, coopers, weavers, carpenters with all household utensils, of which as soon as the hostess came out!

Students are not left indifferent after visiting the Museum Testament Taras Shevchenko Memorial Museum G.S.Skovoroda, Museum-Diorama "Battle for the Dnieper ...", towel Museum, the Museum of ceremonies, Transport Museum, the Museum "Postal Station" and many others. They are all unique, original form and unique content, all of them - alive.

Everything in the museum was to escape from everyday life, escape from daily concerns and bustle, everything - to combining business with pleasure, plunge into the majestic and mysterious world of the Ukrainian past ...

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