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Journey to the Historical and Cultural Reserve "The Hetman Capital"

In October 2013, students of 2nd year Economics and Law School of KUTEL, specialty "Agent of tourism" traveled to the Historical and Cultural Reserve "The Hetman Capital", located in the city of Baturin Bakhmatsky district, Chernihiv region.

During the tour, students visited four tourist sites: Baturin Citadel fortress, museum, home of the judge and the palace and park ensemble of Ukraine's hetman Kirill Razumovsky.

An interesting story has helped guide students to learn about the formation, growth and destruction of the city of Baturin - the residence of leaders Ukrainian Hetmanate era, such as captains, Damian Mnohohrishny, Samoilovych Ivan, Ivan Mazepa and Kirill Razumovsky, who spared no effort and money in developing the administrative capital of Left-Bank Ukraine collecting the best examples of Ukrainian and world art. Attraction of the city of Baturin, who came to us from Damian Mnohohrishny Hetman, Ivan Samoilovych, Ivan Mazepa, is home of the judge. This house is connected with the formation of Cossack judiciary as the highest judicial organ of the Left-Bank Ukraine at the end of the seventeenth century. This home is the most valuable tourist attraction of Baturin.

The main decoration and symbol of the city of Baturin is a palace of Hetman Ukraine Kirill Razumovsky, who almost 200 years waiting for reconstruction. This palace is most impressed by the students for their beauty and elegance.

Thus, a tour of Historical and Cultural Reserve "The Hetman Capital" made ​​it possible to broaden the outlook of students, supplement the knowledge of the history of Ukrainian culture, enhance cognitive activity of future professionals of the tourism industry.

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