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Shevchenko days

Name of Taras Shevchenko known since early childhood. Every year in early March we celebrate memorials days of the poet.

Traditionally Shevchenko days did not pass Economics and Law School. Students actively participate in discussing the works of Taras Shevchenko.

The week began with visits to the library, where students can get acquainted with rare printed works of Taras Shevchenko during the presentation of the book exhibition: "Eternal as people". 

The students were offered job knowledge biography of the poet and his works. Reciting poems turned into mental quoting lines familiar from childhood: "Gardens of cherry circle of houses ..." "Dawn, my evening ..." "Roars and groans wide Dnepr", "I passed and thirteenth" and so on.

During the event sounded interesting facts from the biography of the poet. Students were surprised to learn that prose Shevchenko is several times more than poetry, in Ukraine and abroad there are many museums of Shevchenko. The most complex material dedicated Kobzar Shevchenko National Reserve is the burial place of the poet Taras' Hill in nearby Cannes - Shevchenko National Museum is located in Kiev, it is a branch of literary-memorial museum-house in the village Morintsy. In Toronto (Canada), there is a museum dedicated exclusively Shevchenko topic. Around the world raised monuments to Taras Shevchenko in 1100. They are available in 48 countries.

It's nice that young people today are interested and drawn to the work of the poet. Mark Shevchenko days - not just the memory of the genius Ukrainian words, it is - understanding the modern student of his thoughts, ideas and continuous desire to be always faithful to his people.

After the Shevchenko days, students shared their impressions of what they saw and heard.







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