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Review by visiting Literary-Memorial Museum of Paul Ticino apartment in Kiev

14/03/2013 students of Economics and Law School visited the memorial museum of the famous Ukrainian poet of 20th century Pavlo Tychyna, whose name is associated with epochal discovery in our literature. His poetry is characterized by a special musicality, imagery, and a collection of "Sun Clarinets" showed poetic skill, which was typical organic combination of three art forms - words, music and images.

Memorial Apartment of Ravlo Tychyna gives the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of genuine life and creative work, austerity of life, circle of interests, planning priorities highly spiritual master. All this is particularly important, remembering that in this apartment from 1944 to 1967 he lived - the poet, academic, Minister of Education of the USSR, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, laureate of State Prize named after T.G. Shevchenko, social activist, artist, musician, artistic mentor of youth. Students were surprised to find out that in this room at one time visited by many prominent figures of culture, science, art, and today they were there too.

At the poet`s apartment retained full memorialnist. Students saw his musical instruments, music books, paintings fellow artists, the library, which has 21,000 books.

An interesting was the story guides on how poet lived and worked during the Soviet domination of communist ideology that led the poet in a time switch his attention to scientific work and community work.

Excursion influenced the outlook of students, gave the opportunity together with the international community to honor our poet, to study his poetic heritage.

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