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Being formed collection of scientific papers "Scientific Notes of KUTEL" (Issue 15), articles accept until 20.02.2013

Requirements for scientific articles for publication:

1. Editors accept for publication only if they meet the requirements of HAC Ukraine to the structure of scientific articles.

2. Article is in Ukrainian or other languages in electronic form as a file, which is made in the text editor MS Word for Windows, on a flash drive, disk or email.

3. Articles whose authors have no degree, accompanied Review doctorate specialty publication or extract of the minutes of the faculty (department) on the recommendation of the manuscript. Review or copy of the record is scanned in the form of e-mail;

4. The manuscript should be accompanied by UDC and three abstracts (Ukrainian, Russian and English).

All abstracts should include:

- First and last name of the author;

- The name of the article;

- Text annotations (up to 50 words);

- A list of keywords.

5. A list of sources is placed alphabetically or in the order of their use after the text of the article with the subtitle list of sources used and performed in the original language. The list of references must specify the total number of pages (for books) or page numbers start and end of text sources (for articles). Sources in the list of references are numbered by hand, without using the menu Word «Format - List - Numbered."


  • Bazaluk Oleg - 050-325-16-56;
  • Panchenko Svitlana - 097-525-43-49;

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