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International Scientific Conference «Tourism and Convergence of Cultures» (3 November 2011)


November 3, 2011 Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, the Coordinating Bureau on the preparation and holding in Ukraine of finals of the European Cup in 2012, the National Defence Academy of Ukraine, Society "Knowledge" of Ukraine, Department of Tourism Hotel Management and resorts, Kyiv City State Administration, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Science and Education, Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Council of Tourism and Resorts, Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law, Academy of Tourism of Ukraine, Association of educational institutions of Ukraine tourist and hotel hold an international scientific-practical conference "Tourism and convergence of cultures".

The conference provided a wide range of issues to consider in the following areas:

  • Current trends and development strategies of tourism and hotel and restaurant business;
  • Cultural traditions in international tourism;
  • Culture and regulation of tourist services;
  • The phenomenon of tourism and business (professional) ethics in the context of globalization;
  • Intercultural communication in tourism;
  • Social and humanitarian problems of tourism in the context of globalization and modernization of the modern world:
  • Ecological Culture and tourism: global warming.
  • Innovative approaches to the management of cultural tourism professionals;
  • Problems of economic and social efficiency of tourism practices;
  • Tourist practices as a sociocultural phenomenon;
  • Modern culture excursion activities;
  • Development of information culture of communication specialists in tourism;
  • Formation of cultural identity by means of tourism;
  • Social entrepreneur culture of modern tourist industry;

Structure of the Conference:

The scientific program includes the use of different forms: report, including - posters, scientific message of the key themes in plenary and breakout sessions, presentations, discussions in working groups and round table.

Based on the results of the conference will be given materials that will print in the collection of abstracts and in a specialized technologies. Delegates need to September 10, 2011 sent to the Organizing Committee Abstracts (of 3-5 pages) or article (up 12.9 pages).

Registration fee:

For the conference registration fee is 150 UAH and transferred to the account - 26002060104000 at Privatbank Branch RC Kyiv MFO 320 649 229 152 226 539 TIN, certificate number 35,637,529. Address 02 192 Kyiv, str. General Zhmachenko, 26. With the subject: the conference fee. Fee includes: getting the program copies of the speech at the conference, invitations to cocktail reception.

Conference languages:

Official language: Ukrainian, Russian and English.

We invite researchers, teachers, practitioners, graduate students and all stakeholders to participate in the conference.

Materials sent to:

Program Committee

02 192 Kyiv, Ukraine

str.General Zhmachenko, 26,

Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law,

scientific department, office. 221, tel. (Direct cell - 599-93-52)
OA Kruchek

Tel. / Tel. (044) 549-18-03, 543-41-85;

Fax / fax (044) 543-87-66;
E-mail: ,

To participate in the conference and its possible sponsorship invite all interested organizations, including: publishers of textbooks, development of educational software, manufacturers of CD-ROM educational direction, Internet service providers.

Organizing Committee


to participate in the V International Scientific Conference

"Tourism and convergence of cultures"

Full name ____________________________________________

Degree ____________________________________________________

Position ____________________________________________________________

Institution ____________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________

Phone, e-mail ______________________________________________________

Fax _______________________________________________________________

Presentation (speech) _______________________________________________

Form (report on the breakout sessions, poster presentation, etc.) _________________________________________________________________

Necessary technical equipment for the presentation    - overhead projector

   - LCD projector                   - Other

Needs to stay in hotel "Hospitality" _____________________

(Estimated cost - 150-200 UAH per day)

Invitations to the conference will be sent upon receipt of the organizing committee for participation in conferences, abstracts, and copies of payment documents for payment of conference fee.

Please, take care of your own return-tickets.

Requirements for report

The report should be submitted in Ukrainian, Russian or English, typed in Word 7.0 (font "Times New Roman", size - 14, interval 1,5), on A4 (all fields - 20 mm).

Figures that are given in the text, must be fulfilled in graphic format in portrait orientation. Formulas - Formula Editor. Illustrations, diagrams, tables and formulas necessary to issue in accordance with GOST 2.105-95. The table is placed in portrait mode the text, the first refers to it, or on the next page. You can not place a table across the page of the document. If the table beyond the page format, it is divided into parts. The word "Table" (with or without a number), the right of the first part of the table over other parts write "Continuation / End Table. (With room)" Continued / End Table. The table is separated with a single line.

Formulas should be separated from the rest in one line of text, centered, numbered. Numbers indicate the formula in parentheses are smooth to the right edge of the text.

All numbers are expressed as decimal, should be presented as follows: 2.5; etc. 548.4.

The electronic version of the report is submitted on a diskette 3,5 inches.

The report - to 5 pages.

The manuscript should be built on the common pattern:

Name of the article, first name and last name of participant - in capital letters;

literature should be presented as footnotes, bibliography at the end of the text (font "Times New Roman", size - 14) with sequentially numbered, ie 1, 2, 3, etc. from the beginning to the end of the report.

Registration fee

Total conference fee is: for participants - 150 UAH. (VAT).

Fee includes: getting the program copies of the speech at the conference, invitations to cocktail reception.

Payment Details:

A: № 26002060104000

In RC Branch PrivatBank Kyiv

IAT 320 649

GCEO 22915220

St-in number 35637529

INN 229152226539

Electronic address:

For further information please contact the Organizing Committee:

Telephone: (038 code of Ukraine, Kyiv code 044) 543-41-85, 549-18-03.

Sincerely, Organizing Committee


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