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Pazenok Victor Sergiyovych

Pazenok Victor Sergiyovych - corresponding member of NASU (1988), Ph.D., Professor. Honoured Scientist of Ukraine.

1934 birth. He graduated from the philosophy faculty of the Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University, postgraduate and doctoral Academy of Social Sciences. Senior Researcher Institute of Philosophy named after G.S. Skovoroda.

Pazenok V.S. - Recognized in Ukraine and abroad, an authoritative scholar in the history of philosophy, particularly foreign, social philosophy and ethics. He possesses the fundamental problems of the modern philosophical research methodology, philosophy of culture and politics. He is a leading specialist humanities philosophical theory. Research has priority in creating the original direction of modern social science - ethnoethics, it was initiated by the International Conference "Culture and ethnoethics." Importance for the development of philosophy of science have his work on the formation of the modern world view, democratic values, moral relations in the "transitional society", social and ethical foundations of the state. He is the author of over 200 scientific papers (8 individual and 12 collective monographs "sociological and ethical relativism" - K., Naukova Dumka, 1986, "Society on the threshold of XXI century. Philosophical understanding of fluid world" - K., Ukrainian Center for Spiritual Culture, 1999), including issued abroad (Holland, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania).

He takes an active part in the development of state programs of humanitarian and socio-political development of Ukraine, in particular, "Concept of the humanitarian sphere in Ukraine."

Conducts extensive teaching and research and educational activities. He is a member of the Academic Scientific Council for Coordination of Legal Studies, member of the Ukrainian Philosophical Society and the Ukrainian Association of Political Scientists, President of the Ukrainian Association of humanistic and ethical, a board member of International Association "Ethos" and the Society "Knowledge" of Ukraine, member of editorial boards of journals, "Philosophical Thought", "Politics and the time".

He prepared 5 doctors and 15 candidates.


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